How do I know I am getting value for money when I buy CBD oil?

Value for MoneyThere are many different qualities of CBD on the market ranging from exceptionally good to exceptionally bad. So the first thing you need to establish is, that you are buying an exceptionally good quality product. To read more about how to assess the quality of CBD click here

“At Pharma-UK It is our mission to ensure we bring you the best quality CBD oil available. We believe our CBD GOLD range is one of the finest quality CBD oils available in the UK”

If you are not sure about how you assess the quality of the CBD you are buying, the next best thing is to ensure that you are buying it from a reputable supplier. The most reputable you can get in the UK is a Pharmacy either High Street or the Internet. Pharmacies are staffed by a healthcare professional who can advise and guide you on the product you are buying as well as its suitability for you.

“At Pharma-UK our clinical team not only consists of pharmacists but also GMC registered doctors”

Once you have read our “How to assess the quality of CBD” pages and have satisfied yourself that you are buying from a reputable source, you can start to compare value.

The first thing to consider when comparing value, is the quantity that is in the bottle you are buying. The standard daily dose of CBD oil is half a pipette (dropper tube) taken twice daily. The pipette holds 1ml of CBD oil hence your daily dose is 1ml. Meaning a 10ml bottle will give you ten days supply whilst a 30ml bottle will give you 30 days (1 month) supply (two thirds more).

“At Pharma-UK to ensure the best value for money we only sell in 30ml bottles, whilst most of our competitors sell in 10ml bottles”

The strength of the CBD oil also has to be taken into consideration. The strength you require will depend on your weight, body chemistry and the reason/condition you are taking it for. Please read our “How to calculate my daily dosage” pages.

Once you have decided what strength you require you are now in a position to compare like for like CBD oils in order to judge the best value for money products. In order to demonstrate this we have put together a price comparison chart comparing our prices with some of our competitors. The example we have used is for 30ml of CBD oil strength 1,000MG.

“It is also worth remembering when comparing value for money, that we deliver your CBD directly from the laboratory directly to your door free of charge”



Cost per 10ml

Cost per 30ml











*Boots is currently running a buy two get one free offer bringing their 1000mg down to £139.98 for 30ml.

Prices correct at time of publishing. Please make your own comparisons. Remember if the price sounds to good to be probably is!