Is CBD GOLD safe?

Pure CBD Oil is a natural product; there is no current evidence to say that it has any side effects. Should you have any kind of adverse reaction to CBD stop taking it immediately and report the reaction to your doctor.

The growing popularity of CBD oil has seen the introduction of a multitude of CBD brands into the UK market that are being sold on the internet, in Vape shops, Newsagents and other unregulated outlets. Due to the lack of regulation of CBD it is inevitable that the get rich quick merchants will try to cash in. This has led to a proliferation of poor quality CBD products with little if any actual pure CBD oil in the product. Some products being sold on the internet are actually illegal and possibly dangerous.

 To be safe only ever buy CBD oil that is manufactured in the UK to UK standards. If you are buying on the high street, ideally buy your CBD oil from a regulated pharmacy that can also provide you with professional advice as how to use the product. Click here to buy CBD GOLD